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What is Mediation?

Justus ADR Services has developed a highly successful dispute resolution program which will help you deal with cases as tort, environmental claims, product liability, transportation, construction, energy, and other legal issues.

Our panel of experienced mediators, led by former Magistrate Judge Kenneth J. Benson, is available to assist you in resolving your dispute anywhere in the United States.

It is emphasized that at a mediation session, all sides of a dispute meet with an impartial facilitator, the mediator, in order to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. There are a variety of benefits which mediation provides, including:

  • Settless disputes more quickly than a court trial
  • It is cost-effective
  • Narrows the issues
  • Informally explores settlement options
  • Organizes multiple-party negotiations
  • Preserves continuing relationships, etc.

Why Use Justus ADR Services?

  • Approximately 90% of our cases are successfully settled in a matter of hours, and another 5% within 30 days of the mediation.
  • Our neutrals have dispute resolution education, training and/or experience in mediation, arbitration, consulting, analysis, and settlement design. Combined, they have mediated thousands of cases to successful conclusions.

Justus ADR Services is immediately available to assist you in mediation, arbitration or early neutral evaluation of a single case or a number of cases. We will work with you to meet your most demanding schedule deadlines.